SAUNA – a wonderful elixir for young and beautiful skin

You can take care of yourself not only through physical activity, healthy eating or regular cosmetic treatments and massages. Did you know that you will also do a lot of good for your body during… relaxing in a home sauna? During the sauna ritual, you can not only relax, but also comprehensively take care of your beauty. High temperature combined with the right treatments and cosmetics can do wonders for the condition of the skin!

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How does sauna use affect the condition of the skin and hair?

The fact that sauna has a very positive effect not only on our well-being, but also on the condition of our skin, is best evidenced by the fact that among all the ways of taking care of the body, it is the use of saunas and baths that is the most popular in Poland (according to CBOS research). And what exactly does the sauna do for our skin? During the session, blood circulation is stimulated, thanks to which it distributes oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells faster. In addition, with intense sweating in the sauna, our skin gets rid of impurities and pores are unclogged.
It is worth knowing that the sauna, although so good for our body, can contribute to drying hair. So it’s better to protect them before the session and protect them from damage.

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Care and treatments in your own sauna

If we are lucky enough to have our own sauna, it is worth enriching our rituals with additional beauty treatments. Admittedly, the session itself does a lot of good for our skin, but the effect of the sauna can be further enhanced by using the right preparations and techniques.
Very good results are given by a scrub made in the sauna. The skin is softened during the session, making it easier to remove dead skin cells and impurities accumulated on the surface. It is best to use cosmetics with a natural composition for peeling.

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You can also make such a cosmetic yourself. Great results can be achieved by using, for example, a homemade coffee scrub. To do it, you just need to connect together:

  • a few tablespoons of ground coffee (it can also be coffee that has already been brewed, which remains in the tank of the espresso machine)
  • a few tablespoons of olive oil or your favorite bath oil.

After mixing, we get a thick paste that should be massaged all over the body, starting with the legs, of course. Such a scrub not only effectively smoothes the skin, but also helps fight cellulite, gives a nice color and smells very pleasant. The best results are achieved by applying the cosmetic during the break after the second sauna session.

When it comes to body care, it is worth using treatments such as:

  • applying a moisturizing mask on the face – during the break after the first session, it is good to use this cosmetic, because the warmed and deeply cleansed skin of the face is able to absorb much more nutrients and valuable substances coming from the preparation;
  • abrasion of calloused skin on the feet – the right time to perform this treatment will be the last time you leave the sauna. Dead skin is then perfectly softened and can be removed very easily.

The role of aromatherapy in home SPA

A great addition to home sauna sessions will be taking advantage of the aromatherapeutic properties of fragrance oils. Depending on the effects you want to achieve, you can decide to use Essential:

  • eucalyptus, having antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties,
  • rosemary, reducing physical and mental tension and having anti-inflammatory and soothing properties,
  • orange, which has a relaxing, antiseptic and anti-cellulite effect.
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Body care after leaving the sauna

The ritual in the home spa will be complemented by proper care after the session. A moisturizing lotion or nourishing oil should be applied to a body that has lost a lot of water. Also, hair, if it has not been protected, requires quick intervention. To prevent them from drying out, wash them well and rinse them with cold water after leaving the sauna so that the scales close. After a light towel dry, you can rub the nutrient-rich argan oil into them, for example.

And finally, a super valuable piece of advice! After the sauna, the skin will literally “drink” the nutrients that we provide it with. Apply a solid layer of a good cream to your face and go to bed earlier. In the morning, your skin will look healthy and radiant!

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