Scandit Garden Oasis Set

Scandit Garden Oasis is a comprehensive solution for those who value a healthy lifestyle and want to enjoy luxury every day, in the comfort of their own garden.

The modern Garden Oasis garden set consists of a Scandit 5 sauna, combined with a relaxation room. The set gives you the greatest possibilities and makes every moment spent in the garden a unique experience of relaxation and renewal. An absolute novelty is the possibility of taking advantage of the advantages of the brine graduation tower, which additionally enriches the process of regeneration and relaxation.

The modular design gives the possibility of freely composing the elements included in the set. Thanks to this, users can adjust the space to their individual needs and preferences, creating the perfect place to relax and spend time with loved ones. Each piece of the set has been designed to harmoniously combine functionality and aesthetics to ensure not only comfort, but also an elegant look for your garden.


  • set dimensions: 225x470 cm
  • Construction from C24 (Scandinavian spruce)
  • Full external insulation with rock wool
  • Vertical facade made of ThermoWood®
  • Tempered glazing (Intima Black option)
  • External glass doors
  • Hydraulic hinges with self-closing function
  • Ruuki roof covering

Interior and equipment

  • Internal walls made from ThermoWood® or Karava
  • ThermoWood® floor
  • Ceiling and sauna benches made from aspen
  • Electric / wood-burning heater
  • Ruben Design LED RGB light therapy system
  • Bluetooth sound system

    Unique design and materials of the highest quality

    Scandit are the best quality materials combined in a way that gives the sauna a unique character.

    • Construction

      The SCANDIT substructure is made of certified Scandinavian spruce C24 with a moisture content of up to 18%, which comes from one of the best regions of its occurrence in Sweden. The severe and consistent climate in this region ensures that due to slow growth, the wood boasts a denser grain and superior structure. It is more durable, less prone to cracking and warping, and offers enhanced resistance to insect damage. All saunas in the Scandit series feature comprehensive stone wool insulation.

    • Façade and interior made of ThermoWood®

      ThermoWood® is not only elegant and modern. This velvety natural material is one of the best solutions for the garden and sauna due to its high resistance to external factors such as mold or insects. Increased dimensional stability, lack of resin and excellent insulating properties allow it to be used in all climatic conditions, both indoors and outdoors.

    • Glazing

      The large windows and glass doors in our sauna gives the impression of a brighter and larger space. Each piece of glazing has been individually crafted to seamlessly integrate with the rest, giving the entire structure a unique, modern appearance. The window frames are made of solid thermally treated pine, and the glazing is energy-efficient packages of tempered glass of the Antisol bronze type or Intima Black guaranteeing full intimacy.

    • RUBEN DESIGN light therapy system

      Since ancient times, the significance of light has been recognized, which is why color therapy is now emerging as a vital trend in the wellness industry. We are surrounded by colors every day, and they impact not only our psyche but also our physical well-being. In the Scandit sauna area, we used the RUBEN DESIGN light therapy system consisting of professional LED strips and a DreamLight remote control.

    • Heater

      Huum HUUM is the perfect choice for modern constructions. Created on thousand-year-old traditions, combined with contemporary Nordic design, they provide a unique sauna experience.   They are elegant, durable and economical. They’ve been carefully designed to heat up quickly, stay hot longer, and produce more steam. In 2015, the HUUM brand was awarded in the RED DOT 21 AWARD competition.

    • Brine graduation tower

      The Vingberg brine graduation tower is a solution that combines the advantages of natural inhalation therapy with an elegant design. It creates a healing microclimate by emitting an aerosol rich in micronutrients, which supports respiratory and skin health, as well as helping to reduce stress. Its aesthetic appearance can be adapted to individual preferences, which makes it not only a health-promoting device, but also a stylish decorative element, introducing a harmonious mood to any interior.

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