The natural connection between humans and nature…

For the love of nature, celebration of shared moments and concern for health, we create products based on three pillars: functionality, modern design, and technology that is close to nature. Out of our passion for active leisure, inspired by the Scandinavian philosophy of life, we provide the opportunity to regenerate and relax in saunas and tubs made of the most ecological raw material – wood.

Producer of saunas and garden hot tubs with ThermoWood®

VINGBERG is the only Polish manufacturer of traditional and modern saunas made of Finnish ThermoWood® pine. Carefully selected thermally scandinavian pines are brought to our production plant in Krościenko Wyżne in the Podkarpackie province. It is here that we make each product with the highest precision and attention to the smallest detail. And it is from here that our tubs and saunas reach recipients all over Europe – from picturesque mountain places, through lakes to sandy beaches.

VINGBERG is also a distributor of Finnish Kirami tubs, Canadian cedar saunas and American Nordic Hot Tubs.

Exceptional precision of workmanship and attention to every detail …

VINGBERG is a combination of two symbolic Swedish words: ving – wing and berg – mountain. Wings are a symbol of freedom, liberty and regeneration, while the mountain symbolizes refuge, purity and nature. The graphic sign in the form of a hexagon as a symbol of science, technology and engineering. The form is based on a combination of three elements, refers to the three largest Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Finland and Norway).