Barrel Sauna Akka #330

The Akka #330 is the sister model of the Akka #280. Instead of a terrace, it has an internal room with benches and a hanger – a changing room, from which you can directly enter the sauna room. The barrel has a total length of 3.3 m and is designed for 4-6 people. Dedicated to outdoor installation, does not require a building permit.

High-quality ThermoWood wood not only adds authenticity and warmth to it, but above all guarantees durability and the possibility of use regardless of the season.


  • walls made from ThermoWood®, (log thickness: 42 mm)
  • electric or wood-fired heater Harvia or Huum – option
  • roofing from asphalt shingles in the color of your choice
  • wooden benches and internal platform
  • internal platform from ThermoWood®
  • base made of impregnated wooden logs
  • corrosion-resistant steel bands
  • tempered glass glazing (thickness: 8 mm)
  • panoramic windows or rectangle shape x2 (option)
  • ventilation channels to ensure air exchange
  • oiling (option)

Interior and equipment

  • Outer diamater: 225 cm
  • Total length: 330 cm
  • Sauna room lenght: 210 cm
  • Length of the changing room room: 90 cm
  • Weight: 1050 kg

Available versions

Shingle color
Shingle color
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    The Harvia M3 has a classic design and is suitable for woodburning saunas. Constant air exchange is ensured by two ventilation ducts. Piec Harvia M3 ma klasyczny wygląd i przeznaczony jest dla małych saun opalanych drewnem. It is thanks to it that we can experience unforgettable impressions and feel the traditional atmosphere of a Finnish sauna. Natural warmth and proper air circulation increase the pleasure of staying in the sauna. The M3 model is equipped with a glass door and a stainless steel collar. The offered color of the stove is graphite black.

  • HUUM

    The HUUM DROP sauna heater is a real gem among electric sauna heaters. It combines the best features of a Nordic sauna with modern design and innovative technological solutions. Not only does it look stylish, but it also has a mild and long-lasting vapor, ease of use and durability. The minimalist design is inspired by nature and exposes the natural beauty of the stones. The inspiration for the creation of this stove was nature – a drop of water, to be precise. The stones are also unusual – they are specially selected pebbles from the olivine group.

  • HUUM heater control

    The stylish UKU controller makes heating in the sauna easy and convenient. The UKU can be used locally and is equipped with a door sensor, overheating protection and child lock to ensure safe sauna use. For the convenience of use, it is already possible to control the operation of the sauna with a smartphone.

    Controller functions:

    • Temperature control: 40-110 °C
    • Overheating protection
    • Child protection
    • Colors: black, ash
    • Ability to connect to lighting/ventilation and steam generator

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