Steady #170

Steady series tubs are designed for those who value convenience and hassle-free maintenance. The tubs feature a built-in bench, making it easier to get in and out. The specially designed rims can serve as a comfortable backrest or armrest. The bright and smooth color of the insert allows for the installation of LED lighting, which creates a magical atmosphere and makes the bath in the tub unique.

The tub is equipped with an external Macu stove, ideal for heating medium-sized tubs. The stove is made of high-quality marine aluminum.

Steady tubs are available in a wide range of colors. The smooth surface of the insert makes it easy to keep the tub clean.

The barrel's diameter is 170 cm, and the water volume is 1420 liters. It is suitable for 4-6 people. The tub weighs 157 kg. The gross power of the MACU stove is 40 kW, while the net power transferred to the water is 29 kW.


  • Wide selection of external panels
  • High-quality plastic insert
  • External MACU stove with a power of 29 kW, wood-fired
  • Chimney with a roof
  • Corrosion-resistant steel bands
  • Two-step ThermoWood stairs (optional)
  • Plastic cover or 7 cm thick SPA Premium thermal cover (optional)
  • LED lighting (optional)

Interior and equipment

  • Diameter: 170 cm
  • Height: 107 cm
  • Height with chimney: 260 cm
  • Depth: 90 cm
  • Capacity: 1420 liters
  • Weight: 157 kg

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