Kirami FinVision® Annex Garden Sauna

The Kirami FinVision® Annex concept creates even more comfort for relaxing and spending time together with friends and family. Build your own spa oasis by configuring the Nordic modules.

"With the Kirami FinVision® Annexes, you can create a sauna and recreation area in your garden that suits your own style. You can play with the modules and connect them to each other or use them as separate pieces, just like Lego bricks," says Konsta Katajisto, Specialist in Medicine. Kirami's export sales.

The Nordic FinVision® Nordic misty lounge included in the annex concept creates the ideal conditions for relaxing and having a good time with friends and family. In addition to the sauna and seating area, you can also match the changing room and terrace. You can arrange them according to your needs, you can choose any number of terrace modules that will serve, for example, as an extension of the sauna and dressing room. The covered terrace creates a pleasant place to relax after a sauna session. The covered terrace can also be used as a separate module as a sheltered sunbathing area or summer kitchen.


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