Canadian red cedar saunas

Cedar saunas are a new, exclusive product in our offer designed for sauna enthusiasts who care about the special properties of wood and the best material used to build a garden SPA.

Canadian red cedar, from which our saunas are made, is a highly valued raw material due to its unique properties. Noble and durable cedar makes the sauna a multi-generational product and is an investment for many years.

The cedar sauna is a unique product for exceptional customers. The cedar sauna is characterized by a beautiful appearance and is a prestigious decoration of the garden. The golden shade of the wood contrasts impressively with the backyard garden greenery.

Properties of Canadian cedar

The extraordinary properties of the cedar tree have been noticed since antiquity. It was used to make houses, boats, tools, means of transport and also used in home farms. It is still widely used today. It is used to build facades, roofs, garden buildings and other facilities, and is also used wherever high resistance to changing weather conditions is important.

Canadian red cedar is a highly valued raw material due to its unique properties. It is one of the lightest among all coniferous species, and at the same time very durable. Essentially knotless and free of resin channels, making it great for sauna use. It is characterized by the highest natural resistance to weather conditions among all coniferous species (class 2 according to EN 350-2). It has excellent thermal insulation qualities – in winter it blocks the access of frosty air inside, and on hot days it provides pleasant coolness.

A natural feature of cedar is also a wide range of grains and colors present in one batch of material. Canadian cedar is classified as Class 2 resistance to putrefaction and according to BS 8417 it can remain unprotected for 60 years due to the abundance of natural compounds in the wood, destroying fungal spores. It is recommended to impregnate Cedar if you want to maintain the natural color. Cedar left unprotected and exposed to external conditions will change its color to silvery-gray over time.

Cedar saunas

It is hard to imagine a better material for building a sauna than western red cedar. It has all the properties that are desirable in this type of construction. The cedar sauna is a unique product for exceptional customers.

One of the most important advantages when it comes to cedar saunas is their resistance to mold and moisture and the lack of the need for impregnation, which is a necessary condition in the case of other saunas. Cedar is also almost 100% resistant to pests, and thanks to the content of natural oils, the processes of mold and fungal growth are also completely inhibited. Cedar in the sauna is therefore a very hygienic material and easy to clean.

Cedar wood heats up faster, but interestingly, cedar wood planks are not excessively hot and uncomfortable to the touch, e.g. when sitting on them or touching them with your hands.

Cedar saunas, despite many changes in temperature and humidity, are resistant to cracking, warping, discoloration and deformation. Cedar wood is not prone to discoloration. Even if it is wet and damp, after some time, when the water evaporates, the color of the wood returns to its original form and shades.

Cedar aroma in the sauna

In cedar saunas, the delicate scent of cedar wafts through the room, which is considered a real advantage among sauna lovers. This is due to the temperature, which releases its natural aroma. Interestingly, wood gives off a pleasant smell but does not absorb foreign odors from the outside. Therefore, in addition, cedar wood from the sauna will provide therapeutic aromatherapy as it emits healthy and beneficial minerals. Therefore, there is no need to use additional fragrance oils, as the sauna itself emits a natural and beautiful fragrance, which has a strong antiseptic and relaxing effect.

The most important benefits of cedar:

  • Low density and shrinkage rate for ideal dimensional stability
  • Low water absorption blocking water absorption
  • Loose fibre arrangement for good thermal insulation
  • High resistance to natural hazards such as fungi and pests
  • No resins
  • Long-lasting material
  • Almost 100% hygienic
  • Resistant to discoloration

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