Breezy Tub #170

The original Breezy series of products are very easy-care hot tubs with filling made of high-quality plastic. The Breezy #170 hot tub is big enough for the whole family or a smaller group of friends.

The Cult-si stove, which is dedicated to the Breezy series hot tubs, is ideal for heating water in smaller hot tubs. It is made of high-quality marine aluminum, which provides extremely good thermal conductivity.

Exterior panels made of Finnish spruce, in the color of dark walnut, are very durable and retain their attractive appearance for a long time. The velvety, light grey colour of the interior is timeless and blends in beautifully with the surroundings.

The diameter of the barrel is 170 cm and it is suitable for 4-6 people. The weight of the hot tub is 142 kg, the gross power of the CULT-si furnace is 36 kW, and the net power transferred to the water is 22 kW.

Balia ogrodowa Kirami
Balia ogrodowa Kirami


  • Tub made in Finland from the highest quality impregnated spruce, exterior color dark walnut
  • high-quality plastic insert
  • outdoor stove with a power of 22kW wood-burning
  • Chimney with roof
  • Corrosion-resistant steel bands
  • two-step staircase made of ThermoWood (optional)
  • plastic cover or thermal cover SPA Premium 7 cm thick (optional)
  • LED lighting (optional)

Interior and equipment

  • Diameter: 170 cm
  • Height: 110 cm
  • Height with chimney: 210 cm
  • Głębokość: 91 cm
  • Capacity: 1540 l
  • Weight: 130 kg

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