Outdoor Sauna Scandit 5

The Scandit 5 garden sauna combines traditional Scandinavian design with modern features for a unique wellness experience. Made from high-quality ThermoWood, this sauna boasts both durability and an appealing aesthetic. Equipped with a panoramic window, it not only brings in ample natural light but also provides a stunning view of the surrounding landscape. The "Intima Black" glazing option guarantees full privacy without losing the connection to nature.

The heart of the sauna is the Huum Drop heater, which allows you to fully enjoy the benefits of hot baths in a wonderful environment.

Nowoczesna sauna ogrodowa Scandit 5 dla 4-5 osób z elewacją z sosny fińskiej ThermoWood.
Nowoczesna sauna ogrodowa Scandit 5 dla 4-5 osób z elewacją z sosny fińskiej ThermoWood.


  • Construction from C24 (Scandinavian spruce)
  • Full external insulation with rock wool
  • Vertical facade made of ThermoWood®
  • Tempered glazing (Intima Black option)
  • External glass doors
  • Hydraulic hinges with self-closing function
  • Ruuki roof covering
  • Facade protection with oil

Interior and equipment

  • Internal walls made from ThermoWood® or Karava
  • ThermoWood® floor
  • Ceiling and sauna benches made from aspen
  • Electric / wood-burning heater
  • Ruben Design LED RGB light therapy system
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Premium sauna accessories

Available versions

Outer color
Outer color
Interior color
Interior color
Shingle color
Shingle color
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Sauna elements

  • The benches in Scandit saunas are not only practical and comfortable, but also serve as an aesthetic element that influences the atmosphere and the experience of using the sauna. They are made from knotless aspen panels, and thanks to their unique design and solid construction, the benches are extremely durable and harmoniously blend with the interior of the sauna, creating a pleasant space for relaxation and regeneration.

  • The glazing in each sauna has been individually designed to create an integral whole with the rest and to give the entire structure a unique and modern look. The use of large windows and glass doors in our saunas creates an impression of a brighter and larger space. The window frames are made of solid thermally-treated pine, and the glazing consists of energy-efficient packages of toughened glass in Antisol brown or Intima Black, ensuring complete privacy.

  • The heater is the heart of the sauna. To heat up the stones, which will emit heat and warm up the room, power is needed. We achieve this through wood-burning or electric stoves. We place great importance on ensuring not only high quality but also comfort, safety, and durability. Therefore, in our saunas, we only install proven models of stoves that have been tested by us in external conditions.

  • ThermoWood® panels give the impression of being soft and warm in a noble shade of brown, creating a cozy atmosphere. The lower thermal conductivity and improved stability of thermally modified wood make ThermoWood® particularly useful for humid and hot operating conditions. Moreover, it is a hygienic and resin-free material, which expands its range of applications.

  • The Ruben Design light therapy system is an innovative technology that creates a relaxing atmosphere. Thanks to independent LED strips, we can create scenes with different colors using a remote control. The system allows for programming preferred color combinations, adjusting the atmosphere to our needs and mood.  

  • The Bluetooth sound system consists of two speakers that are resistant to high temperatures and humidity. Placed under the benches, they ensure even distribution of sound throughout the sauna room. These speakers can be controlled directly from the user’s phone, allowing for the free selection of favorite music or nature sounds, which can further enhance relaxation and rest.

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Scandit 5 heaters


    The secret to its enduring popularity lies in its timeless appearance, durability, and ease of use. The electric stove accommodates 23kg of stones, which provide a gentle sauna bath. The stove itself is very light, easy to install, and quickly heats up the sauna.


    HUUM sauna heaters combine the best features of the Nordic sauna with modern design and innovative technological solutions. The minimalist design of HUUM heaters is inspired by nature and showcases the natural beauty of stones.


    The Harvia Linear 18 Compact is a high-quality and elegant wood-burning stove. Its glass door not only shows a clean burning fire, but also beautifully illuminates the sauna. It meets high emission and efficiency factor requirements (Bim-SchV2).


    The Saunum Primary is an innovative sauna heater featuring an integrated air conditioning system. Five-in-one home spa: turn a classic sauna into a salt ion sauna, a sanarium, a gentle steam sauna or an aromatic sauna. 

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