Kirami FinVision® Garden Sauna

FinVision sauna is a high-quality product made with great care and precision. The original Finnish sauna will appeal most to people who love functional and simple Scandinavian style and ecological solutions.

The simple structure of the sauna made of wood blends perfectly with the garden vegetation and easily blends in with the surroundings, becoming its decoration.

Light benches and a dark interior create an interesting contrast. The cosy interior of the sauna brings relief and invites you to relax, and its spacious window creates the impression of an open space, connecting the sauna directly to the garden. FinVision is the only sauna model with a profiled floor that ensures water drainage to the outside.


  • Finnish sauna made of coniferous wood and spruce plywood
  • Oil-treated outer surface of the sauna
  • Spacious glazing made of tempered glass for contact with nature
  • The light grey benches and the dark interior of the sauna create a beautiful contrast
  • Subtle and atmospheric LED lighting
  • Economical and environmentally friendly furnace

Interior and equipment

  • Weight: 1000kg
  • Dimensions: 230 × 230 × 260 cm
  • Wood type: Scandinavian spruce (Sweden)


  • HARVIA Cilindro XE Black Steel

    The sauna is equipped with an electrically heated Harvia Cilindro Black Steel XE 9kW stove. Harvia Cilindro Black Steel is a modern black sauna heater that can be controlled via a digital control panel. The large capacity of the stones guarantees a relaxing experience. The stylish, wall-mounted Xenio touch panel makes heating your sauna a breeze. Your sauna is always ready exactly when you need it. The touch panel can be easily dismantled and reinstalled on the sauna walls.


    • Stove height: 93 cm
    • Diameter: 32 cm
    • Weight: 56 kg
    • Stone capacity: 90 kg
  • HARVIA LEGEND 240 (opcja)

    Harvia Legend wood-burning stoves guarantee the highest quality of sauna experience. The black steel frame is filled with a huge amount of stones, which allows you to take a great bath in the sauna even at lower temperatures. The stove is equipped with a cast iron glass door, thanks to which the warm glow of the fire completes the atmosphere of the sauna.


    • Stove height: 83 cm
    • Diameter: 60 cm
    • Weight: 76 kg
    • Stone capacity: 200 kg

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