Hot tub Norra #185

The NORRA # 185 hot tub is a product dedicated to lovers of natural bathing, who above all appreciate the touch of velvety wood. It is made of 100% weather-resistant carefully selected Finnish ThermoWood® pine, which makes every bath an extremely sensual experience.

Excellent insulating properties, exceptional resistance and durability make it possible to enjoy bathing in the Norra hot tub at any time of the day and year, regardless of the weather. In summer, on hot days, it can be used to cool down, and in winter – to harden the body and strengthen immunity.

The hot tub is equipped with an external heater made of marine aluminum. The whole is complemented by subtle, LED lighting, which makes the nights spent under the stars a unique, magical experience.


  • walls made from ThermoWood® of the Scandinavian pine(log thickness: 42 mm)
  • 40 kW heater made of marine aluminum, 3 mm thick, wood-fired
  • Thermowood® steps
  • inner benches (ThermoWood®)
  • corrosion-resistant steel bands
  • LED (option)

Interior and equipment

  • diameter - 185 cm
  • height - 113 cm
  • weight- 230 kg
  • Water capacity: ~2000 l

What makes our product stand out?

  • Design and finish

    • Scandinavian design, simple and minimalist form
    • natural material and the highest quality, original and natural color of wood perfectly matches other materials used in the garden
    • the wood acquires brown color of the board throughout the entire cross-section
    • we do not use any chemical sealants
    • thanks to the thermal treatment, the wood is well dried and dimensionally stable excellent finish quality provided by ThermoWood®
    • excellent quality of finish provided by ThermoWood® (velvety coating, without burrs and splinters)
  • ThermoWood quality

    • wood origin: Finland
    • Scandinavian pine ThermoWood® – Thermo D class 2 (high resistance to rot)
    • lifespan 15 – 25 years
    • Scandinavian pine thermally treated in accordance with the requirements of the International ThermoWood® Association guarantees the highest quality (KOMO certificate)
    • recommended for use in a wet environment, reduced water absorption capacity reduces the growth of fungi and bacteria and thus susceptibility to biological degradation
    • ThermoWood® reacts much more gently to changes in humidity
  • Hygiene

    • ThermoWood® is a completely natural material, no chemicals need to be used for impregnation
    • in ThermoWood®, bacteria have been eliminated in the thermal treatment process, high-temperature treatment largely dissolves hemicellulose, which deprives fungi and bacteria
    • the wood does not contain heavy metals and pesticides
    • as a result of high temperatures, ThermoWood® ThermoWood® is free of resin
  • Marine aluminum heater

    • made of marine aluminum with a thickness of 3 mm
    • the heater has 10 times better heat conduction properties than heaters made of stainless steel, which gives approx. 30% shorter water heating time and less firewood consumption
    • resistant to seawater
    • the heater installed outside does not take up any space inside of hot tub, which allows it to be used by up to 8 people
    • Thanks to the location of the heater outside, no contaminants resulting from wood burning get into the water in the tub

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