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Garden saunas from the Akka series enjoy immense popularity and a solid reputation among our customers for their simple, wooden, yet highly functional structure, inspired by Scandinavian architecture. The barrel-like form of our design is deliberately chosen to reflect the Finnish tradition of sauna experiences. The shape and elegant structure made of natural wood fits perfectly into open spaces – both small home gardens and larger park areas and landscape spaces.

The round shape of the sauna also has an extremely important advantage – it facilitates the even circulation of hot air inside the room.

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Sauna ogrodowa beczka z przedsionkiem Vingberg - Akka 380
Sauna ogrodowa beczka z przedsionkiem Vingberg - Akka 380

An authentic Finnish sauna ambiance

The elevated temperatures inside the sauna impose stringent requirements on the type of wood used for outdoor saunas. The wood should offer outstanding insulation, capable of withstanding extremely high temperature differences, sometimes up to a hundred degrees or more. Additionally, it should be resin-free to prevent leakage when heated. Furthermore, this wood needs to be resistant to moisture, mold, and simultaneously should not swell or crack excessively.

Vingberg saunas represent a concept that merges nature, refined style, and a focus on health into a single, harmonious element. A panoramic window, bringing you closer to nature, and a Finnish wood-burning heater are additional features that enable you to fully relish the benefits of hot baths in a splendid environment.

  • Finnish pine ThermoWood®

    Wood treated through the thermal process using patented Finnish technology achieves a significantly extended service life of 20-25 years, enhanced resistance to rot, and reduced susceptibility to swelling. ThermoWood® also has increased dimensional stability and thermal insulation (by approx. 20-25%), does not contain resin and is hygienic. All these features make it one of the best materials for the production of saunas and hot tubs.

  • Robust and stable construction

    The base of each sauna is made of certified C24 structural wood. The 42 mm thick walls are reinforced with corrosion-resistant steel bands. These elements ensure exceptional stability of the entire structure.

  • Finnish Roofing

    The sauna’s roof is constructed from premium KERABIT bitumen shingles, designed in a distinctive honeycomb shape. The KERABIT brand was created by the Finnish company Lemminkainen. It has garnered acclaim from customers globally due to the high quality of its products.

  • Glazing

    Undoubtedly, the standout features of the Akka sauna are the panoramic window and the glazed exterior door. This design choice enables us to maximize the harmony and natural beauty of the surrounding landscape.

    The sauna is also available without a window or with two small, rectangular windows. The glazing is made of tinted tempered glass with a thickness of 8 mm.

  • Heaters of the highest quality

    The heater is the heart of the sauna. That is why we have carefully selected models from among the best available on the market. The standard equipment of our saunas includes heaters from Harvia – a leading manufacturer in the world and exclusive stoves made in Finland from the highest quality steel – TylöHelo. A novelty in our offer are the innovative Huum furnaces.

  • Comfortable benches

    The comfort of using the sauna is ensured by comfortable benches made of knotless aspen. The low density of this specific type of wood ensures that, even at high temperatures, the benches do not overheat, allowing you to sit on them comfortably without the risk of burns. The high-quality finish of the sauna interior is complemented by an internal platform made of ThermoWood®. In addition to the sauna room, the larger Akka models have a comfortable changing room with a hanger and benches made of ThermoWood®.

  • Tillbehör till bastu

    We also offer the possibility of buying additional accessories for all types of saunas. Our assortment includes, for example, beautifully scented fragrance oils, natural birch twigs, wall lamps for lighting, thermo-hygrometers, hourglasses or buckets with a ladle. These accessories will make your stay in the sauna even more comfortable and enjoyable. They also allow you to use the full spectrum of treatments. All accessories are made of high-quality materials.

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