Akka Comfort Set

The Akka Comfort set with sauna and hot tub gives you a magical space to relax in Your garden, enjoying the peace of nature. Sit back and stare out steamed windows across your garden while the sauna melts your worries away.

The exclusive sauna and hot tub set is designed for year-round use. In the winter, it helps to temper the body, while in the summer, it becomes a place for relaxation for the entire family and invited guests. Nothing could be better…


Sauna Akka #280 with panoramic window:

  • walls made from ThermoWood® of the Scandinavian pine (log thickness: 42 mm)
  • electric or wood-fired heater Harvia or Huum – option
  • roofing from asphalt shingles in the color of your choice
  • wooden external door
  • tempered glass glazing (thickness: 8 mm), panoramic windows or rectangle shape x2
  • wooden benches and internal platform
  • corrosion-resistant steel bands
  • ventilation channels to ensure air exchange
  • base made of impregnated wooden logs

Wooden Hot tub Norra #185:

  • ThermoWood® walls (thermal Scandinavian pine,
  • log thickness 42 mm)
  • 40 kW heater made of marine aluminum, 3 mm thick, wood-fired
  • chimney with a roof
  • inner benches (ThermoWood®)
  • corrosion-resistant steel bands
  • two-step steps (ThermoWood®)
  • thermal cover Premium thickness 7 cm (option)
  • LED (option)

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Terrace from ThermoWood® (16m2)

  • Thermallly treated scandinavian pine
  • Oiling
  • 3 standing LED lights

Set of accessories for sauna:

  • steel bucket with a ladle
  • hytherograph
  • hourglass
  • birch twigs

Set of accessories for hot tub:

  • alluminium chimney shield
  • drink holder
  • hot tub thermometer

What's included?

  • Akka #280 – Finnish garden sauna

    Sauna Akka #280 looks equally good in open spaces, large architectural parameters and well designed spaces of kitchen gardens. The model combines functional design, natural elements and health benefits into one solution. Sauna Akka #280 is the highest customer rated model from our barrel line, available in various configurations according to the customer’s individual requirements. The barrel has 2.8 m length and can be used comfortably by 4 people.

    It is equipped with electric or wood-fired heater (Harvia or Huum) and does not require a building permit. Certainly, the panoramic window will undoubtedly provide unforgettable experiences. It allows sauna enthusiasts to admire magnificent views during their sessions, adding to the overall enjoyment and relaxation.

  • Hot tub Norra #185

    The NORRA # 185 hot tub is the perfect idea for a comfortable rest in your own garden. It is made entirely of ThermoWood®, which is resistant to external conditions.

    The hot tub is equipped with an outdoor heater made of marine aluminum. Its installation requires a small space, it will perfectly fit into a home terrace, garden or open space.

  • Platform and accessories

    The Akka Comfort garden set includes a wooden ThermoWood® terrace with an area of 16 square meters, illuminated by three lamps.

    The whole is complemented by dedicated accessories. The sauna set includes high-quality steel ceilings and a ladle for pouring stones, a precise thermohygrometer, an hourglass and birch switches. We also attach a container for drinks and an aluminum chimney cover to the hot tub. The hot tub can also be equipped with an insulated thermal cover.

    The sauna, hot tub and terrace are protected with the highest quality oil, increasing resistance to UV rays.

Highest quality ThermoWood®

For Scandinavians the most important aspect is the contact with the nature, excellent workmanship and responsible ecological stanndards.The whole Akka Comfort set is made from the highest quality thermally treated scandinavian pine. It is a natural product meeting the highest environmental protection standards. Due to its grain density, structure, strength and resistance to cracking and warping, ThermoWood® is excellent product for building outdoor saunas and hot tubs. It is also resistant to weather and to external factors (fungi and insects). ThermoWood® creates special atmosphere by outstanding colour, smell and delicate, smooth surface that is elegant and pleasant to touch. It’s a modern, high premium material that gives the feeling of coziness and harmony with the environment and in healthy spaces.

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Sauna heaters

  • Wood-burning heater

    The Harvia M3 stove has a classic look and is designed for small wood-fired saunas. It is thanks to it that we can experience unforgettable impressions and feel the traditional atmosphere of a Finnish sauna. Natural warmth and proper air circulation increase the pleasure of staying in the sauna. The M3 model is equipped with a glass door and a stainless steel collar. The offered color of the stove is graphite black.

  • Electric heater

    HUUM DROP is another altenative for heating the sauna. The heater is inspired by the purest element in nature – a water drop. Its round design softens and livens up the angular interior of a classic sauna, giving it a touch of elegance. But DROP isn’t only about the looks. This compact wall-mounted heater can actually fit up to 60 kg of stones, exceeding most wood-burning stoves and guaranteeing long-lasting steam.

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