Why is a garden sauna a good solution?

Saunas have been known for over 2,000 years, starting from Scandinavia, through the Baltic countries, Russia, China and Japan. Residents of Scandinavia use the sauna at least twice a week. At parties or business meetings, staying together in the sauna is almost a ritual. For several years, the fashion for saunas has also been developing intensively in Poland.

So what kind of sauna should you choose if you decide to buy one? According to Finnish tradition, the place of the sauna is in the garden. There are several advantages that prevail over a sauna at home and make a garden sauna a better decision.

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Contact with nature

First of all, contact with nature is irreplaceable. Most modern families appreciate the opportunities that come with relaxing in the fresh air and feasting together. It is the perfect solution for those who are looking for a one-of-a-kind rest in the bosom of nature. The garden sauna allows for year-round use. All you have to do is go out into your own garden, and the vegetation that changes with the seasons guarantees a unique experience during a steam bath. In your own garden in winter, after using the sauna, you can dive into a snowdrift or take a walk in the snow. Is there anything more pleasant than warming up in a sauna and looking out the window at a garden covered in white fluff?

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A beautiful decoration for your garden

A garden sauna is also a decoration of any garden. Wooden saunas easily blend in with the surroundings, becoming its decoration. A simple structure made of wood perfectly blends with the garden vegetation, and the possibility of finishing the sauna according to your own idea, such as the color of the roofing, allows you to perfectly compose it with the garden, creating a real decoration of the entire space around the house.

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Your private SPA – you can use it whenever you feel like it

A private garden sauna is also an extremely comfortable solution for every owner of a recreational plot. You don’t have to stress about being in the sauna with other people, you can use it at any time, without unnecessary planning and going to a sauna far away from your home. You can take a dip in the sauna at any time – even if the public saunas are long closed. Placing a wooden barrel is an attraction not only during romantic evenings for two, but also during larger gatherings with friends and family. No one will refuse to enjoy a pleasant basking in the wooden sauna beautifully arranged in our garden, with an interesting view of the greenery.

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Fast, easy and paperless

A garden sauna is an increasingly popular alternative for relaxing in the comfort of your own garden, which is used not only by owners of large plots. On the contrary, its charms can be enjoyed by each of us, because the garden sauna does not take up much space and does not need a lot of space to set it up. Its great advantage is mobility and the ability to move to a completely different place. All you need to do is prepare a flat and stable surface and take care of the electrical connection needed to connect the lighting. The garden sauna is professionally assembled, ready for use as soon as it is delivered. It does not require a building permit and can be placed anywhere in the garden, on the terrace, under the gazebo or on the shore of the lake. It is also an ideal solution for people who do not have an additional room in their home to adapt for an indoor sauna.

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Pleasant and economical

The advantage of an outdoor sauna is undoubtedly also its low maintenance costs. The building uses electric furnaces with high energy consumption, as a result of which electricity bills can increase significantly. In garden saunas, the stoves are usually wood-fired, which is extremely economical. In addition, such a stove creates a unique atmosphere, and the smell of burning wood can also have a relaxing effect. In an indoor sauna, fumes spreading throughout the apartment can also be a problem. Outside, this problem simply does not exist, because everything stays in the garden. It is an extremely easy and pleasant solution, and at the same time in line with the Finnish sauna tradition.

A sauna in the garden is definitely a good idea – it gives you the opportunity to relax at any time of the day and year. Set in the comfort of our garden, it will become a favorite place to relax after a hard day’s work, a place for frequent meetings with family and friends. A manicured garden and a beautiful wooden sauna are more than just a complete holiday… It’s your private oasis of relaxation.

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