ThermoWood® – Qualities

ThermoWood® is a durable and superior product, manufactured by using  high temperature and water vapor that leads to an increase in resistance to water and biological factors. Thermal treatment technology increases possibilities of usage. ThermoWood® is also weather resistant and  debilitates the external factors (fungi and insects). The material is nontoxic, easy to install, and can be equally used for inside and for outside applications.


ThermoWood® - ekologia

No risk to human health or to environment. It is free from formaldehyde emission and chemicals.


In the production process, there are no chemicals additives. The modification process is completely eco-friendly.

Dimensional stability

The wood doesn’t deform, like natural wood tends to do, hence its swelling and bending properties are decreased up to 90%.


The wood is more durable in changing weather and climate conditions  than any natural wood  in humid environments.

Thermal insulation

In comparison to natural wood the heat loss is about 20-25% less than untreated, coniferous wood.


Due to low moisture content, the wood  is more resistant to fungi, micro – organisms, mold, insects and water.


During the process of thermal treatment bacteria are removed.

0% resin

Resin is removed from the wood during the thermal modification process.


During the thermal treatment  the color of wood darkens throughout the wood from the surface to the very center.

Aging of wood

If grey appearance is desired it has to be coated with non-pigmented wood oil, then the brown color of the surface will fade and turn into grey  over time due to the influence of UV.

Surface of the wood

Heat treatment methods increase the durability properties of wood and also paints and varnishes applied to the wood.


The wood is approximately 20% lighter than untreated wood.