ThermoWood® – Application

ThermoWood® is an excellent product for different projects for both interiors and exteriors, and different styles and designs. A perfect product for garden architecture is an outstanding choice for industrial use, exterior doors, windows and prefabricated houses.

Decking boards

ThermoWood® is the ideal material for decking boards, thanks to its thermal insulting capacity which neutralizes temperature fluctuations. As a result, the floor  becomes more comfortable and less  coarse to the touch.

Decking boards made of ThermoWood® do not contain any resin, they are light and easy to install. Additionally, the material is elegant, durable, natural and doesn’t contain any chemical additives. These features make it appropriate to use on patios, paths and decks.

Elevation boards

ThermoWood® is a stable and durable material, suitable for facades and wall coverings. Due to its unique qualities, Scandinavian coniferous wood could be used both in hot and humid climates.

ThermoWood®, like all European covering boards, contain the European Certificate of Conformity (CE). Additionally, due to its weather resistance, thermoWood® shows  better durability for shielding applications, such us protective oil coatings containing UV filter and coloring final layers.

Interior use of ThermoWood®

Thanks to the pleasant appearance of ThermoWood® it suits well for paneling and flooring. The cutting, initialization and shaping becomes easier than in untreated wood. Because of the thermal modification, the risk of formaldehydes and other substances is eliminated.

Saunas and bathrooms

ThermoWood® is an excellent product for saunas, hot tubes and bathrooms. It  is its lower thermal conductivity and  improved stability that makes it appropriate for  humid environments. The material is also hygienic what is certainly encouragement to use.

Other types of applications ThermoWood®

ThermoWood® provides various alternatives. It can be used for indoors,  for the outdoors and in many climate and weather conditions. It suits well in garden architecture such as fences, pergolas , shutters and garden trellises. The material is extremely suitable  for special modern buildings and light architecture (pavilions and garden sheds).