ThermoWood® – Treatment

Thermowood® process was patented by VTT (Technical Research Institute of Finland). The modification process is done gradually at very high temperatures, ranging from 180- 212⁰ C, using only heat and steam. During the process, that lasts about 96 hours, no chemical additives are induced. In comparison with vacuum – pressure impregnation, thermal treatment is completely ecofriendly, while the qualities of wood are improved, similar to exotic wood species.

As a result of thermal treatment, the wood becomes resistant to decay and more stable than natural wood also its thermal insulation properties are improved and bending strength is decreased. The wood doesn’t contain  any resin, is more hygienic and durable than natural wood in humid conditions.

The wood gets darker and velvety appearance, resembling exotic wood species.

Qualities of Thermowood® give wide possibilities of applications. It can be used in modern architecture, combining glass, concrete, steel or stone.