ThermoWood® – surface treatment


For outdoors, it is recommended to treat the surface of the wood  before the installation or right after by using only a thin coat. The wood can be treated by:

  • tinted wood oil
  • pigmented wood oil
  • wax
  • wood protecting stain
  • varnish (with UV- filter)
  • paint (with UV- filter)


For the indoors the surface can be treated by:

  • normal paints
  • oils
  • waxes
  • paraffin ( for saunas)

We shouldn’t forget about the renewing of the surface, depending on the exposure to UV, climate and amount of the usage.

The use of ThermoWood® without surface treatment

When the wood is exposed to weather, a surface treatment is always recommended no matter if its thermally treated or not. ThermoWood®, thanks to its qualities, has lower potential  for defects such as cracks and splinters; nevertheless it still needs some protection. Unfinished wood should  be coated with non-pigmented wood oil. The brown color of the wood will fade after exposure to UV and turn to grey after some time not losing its durability against decay. From our experience the best way to protect wooden decks is to use wood oil, which protects the wood from  airborne impurities and allows better cleaning.