The strengths of the Premium Pearly tub include the user-friendly design. The designed bench makes it easier to climb into the tub. You can rest your back on the specially designed edges of the bench and for two people the it can also be an armrest.

The tub’s glossy, champagne-coloured inner tub made out of ABS-acrylic, represents the highest class of hot tubs. The smooth and light coloured surface of the plastic allows LED-lightning to be installed as additional equipment. Premium Pearly is the choice of bathers who value easy-care products of high quality.

The hot tub is heated with an efficient black Cube heater with a timeless design and colour. It is made out of high-quality marine-grade aluminium.

The outer shell is made out of grooved composite panels in mocca that suit a modern environment. The grooved surface is easy to clean, and the material needs no additional treatment besides cleaning.