SCANDIT – modern outdoor sauna

Rest and relaxation are definitely part of a good self-care. We think that sauna bathing can aid into your relaxation. The quiet, calm and the soothing heat of a sauna are designed to help you relax.

We take the inspiration from Finnish culture and lifestyle as it has a  much to offer to anyone. Inspired by Scandinavian love to nature and Finnish traditions of sauna utilization we created projects that are based on three pillars: functionality, modern design and resent technological trends.  For our sauna we have used  only the highest quality products and materials. Our raw materials are carefully selected and meet the highest quality standards giving it a unique character.

SCANDIT equipment

HUUM HIVE heater

A HUM HIVE heater is an ideal choice for modern constructions  The pure Nordic design of the heater is a real pearl in any sauna. Built on a thousand-year tradition, combined with contemporary Nordic design, Huum heaters provide a unique experience in the sauna. First look at a Huum heater will tell you that this is something special. What makes these heater amazing is not only the look, but also the quality of the materials used. They are elegant, durable and economical.  They have been carefully designed to quickly heat up, stay hot longer and give more steam. In 2015 the HUUM brand received an award in the contest RED DOT 21 AWARD.

Piec Huum zastosowany w saunie nowoczesnej
Nowoczesna sauna ogrodowa SCANDIT

Control Console

The Heater Control Console Huum UKU + APP 18,0 kW combines the ease of use and safety with a stylish look and convenience. This controller has a function of protecting the heater against overheating, a parental lock and a door sensor (when you open the door the controller automatically turns off the heater).  The UKU Control Console works with a mobile application so you can turn off the sauna when being away from home.  This is a very innovative, modern and comfortable solution.

Wnętrze sauny nowoczesnej, sterownik do pieca Huum
Nowoczesna sauna Scandit -aplikacja do sterowania piecem HUUM

Chromotheraphy System RUBEN DESIGN

The importance of light was already known in ancient times, and this is why chromotheraphy is now becoming a major trend in the wellness industry. Colours surround us every day, and they affect not only our psyche but also the body. We have used inside the Scandit sauna the best chromotheraphy system RUBEN DESIGN, consisting of professional LED Foryard strips + DreamLight remote control + BlueTooth.

Panele z ThermoWood i oświetlenie Ruben Design
Sauna Scandit interior- wide, comfortable benches and LED lights

Wooden interior panels Karava

Kallio Groove is the latest board profile developed by Karave. The panel creates incredible visual effects in the sauna and relaxation room.  The lighting design makes the effect even more impressive. It’s a perfect example of combining the highest standard of design and quality finishing. Karava panels are manufactured by hand using our own materials of the highest quality.

Modern sauna interior- ThermoWood panels and LED lights
Interior of the modern sauna SCANDIT


Innovative technology combined with elegant and high level of functionality.Our choice of a high comfort bath is a concealed flush mounted shower system GROHE Grohtherm SmartControl 310 Active Cube. It consists of a hand shower with a hose and a shower head holder, two flush-mounted elements and an innovative GROHE SmartControl battery, which makes it a complete shower solution in Sauna Scandit.

Garden sauna interior and equipment- shower
Modern sauna SCANDIT equipment- shower

Dedicated sauna chairs Relax

Enjoy a good rest on the Relax chairs after a session in the sauna.  Their design suits the latest trends to ensure a comfortable contact of the body with the surface of the lounger.  Thanks to them tense muscles of the spine and neck get relaxed and better stimulated.  They are made from knotless aspen which is exceptionally durable and resistant to the demanding conditions prevailing in the sauna.  Ergonomically shaped lounger makes that lying on it enhances the overall enjoyment of the sauna.

Interior of the modern sauna room SCANDIT
Sauna room- relaxation area in modern sauna SCANDIT _VINGBERG


Large  windows and doors used in Scandit increase brightness and impression of space. They were individually designed to integrate with the whole design and to add to its unique and modern look. Window frames  are made of pine and they match sauna panels. The glass used in the windows is tempered safety glass. The interlayers keep the layers of the glass bonded so it’s safer and sound insulation is increased.

Gared sauna- elevation panels from ThermoWood
Interior of the modern sauna SCANDIT