Majestic beauty enchanted in the Polish mountains

Autumn is the perfect time for mountain hiking. The trails are slowly emptying, it is getting quiet and peaceful, and the nature delights with a blaze of colors. This is the time when mountain beauty reaches its highest level. Polish mountains in this period can be really delightful! All their lovers agree that the view from below cannot in any way compare to what we see after reaching the top. After all, what could be better than clean air, fabulous views and endorphins that this physical effort provides us? Hiking in the mountains strengthens immunity, makes the body better oxygenated and the blood begins to circulate faster.

balia norra w zestawiez sauna

After such an active day and increased effort, it would be optimal to treat yourself to appropriate regeneration in the form of, for example, a relaxing bath in a garden tubor a session in the sauna, with the possibility of admiring the fairy-tale views! As it turns out, more and more resorts are offering this kind of amenities, thus allowing their guests to have a perfect rest. And where is it worth going and what to see? More on that below…



The Tatra Mountains have a lot to offer tourists, and it’s not only about the well-known trails, which are crowded in the high season. It is also beautiful in other places, such as: Bras Żleb. This small valley located between the valleys of Mała Łąka and Kościeliska offers magnificent views of Kościelisko, with the towering Gubałowski range on one side and the majestic Red Peaks on the other, southern side. The route to the Great Mound is also noteworthy. Along the way, you can admire wonderful landscapes – Giewont, Czerwone Wierchy, Kasprowy Wierch and from the north – the Pieniny, Gorce and Beskid Wyspowy.

When looking for a convenient place to stay in the Tatra Mountains, it is worth taking a look at the offer of the following resorts. Among the proposed amenities you will find our hot tubs and saunas: (Willa u Baranów, Nosalowski Wypas, Tibet Domki, Grand Tatry).



One of the towns in this region that have a lot to offer tourists is Polańczyk. The path surrounding the village is a perfect route for family walks because it leads through numerous observation hills. Also noteworthy are the “Polańczyk’s Pearl”, “Polańczyk’s Promontory” and “Green Hills on the Solina River” routes.
The surroundings of Ustrzyki Dolne are also an excellent base for trips to further and closer tourist routes. One of the most interesting is the one leading through Ustrzyki Dolne, Kamienna Laworta and Dźwiniacz Dolny to Jureczków. Among the walking paths, the trail starting in Ustrzyki Dolne and leading to the peaks of Kamienna Laworta (759 m a.s.l.) and Mały Król deserves a special mention. The loop ends in Ustrzyki Dolne and the walking time is about 3.5 hours. Along the way, you can enjoy magnificent views, for example, the vast panorama of Ustrzyki Dolne, stretching from the top of Kamienna Laworta.

The Bieszczady Mountains are definitely worth visiting. It just so happens that we know a few places worth seeing there: (Mint Angel, Bacówka Pod Honem, Chaty Aneta).

Beskid Sadecki


Krynica Zdrój deserves attention here – apart from the fact that there are numerous walking and hiking routes to choose from (Krynica Zdrój is located in the Beskid Sądecki, in the valley of the Kryniczanka stream, among the hills of Góra Parkowa, Krzyżowa and Jasiennik), you can also go there for rafting and canoeing trips or to one of the numerous rope parks. If the weather is bad, you can spend time actively in indoor swimming pools, tennis courts or in a horse stable.

There are a lot of trails in Beskid Sądecki that are not very well known, so tourists can count not only on great views, but also on authentic peace and quiet. One of them is the one leading from the Chata Górska Cyrla shelter through the Crossroads on the Makowica River, Hala Jaworzyna, Bukowina Pass to Hala Pisana. Vast glades and halls encourage you to stop, spread a blanket and soak up the wonderful air and unique atmosphere of this place.

Those for whom relaxation, peace and quiet are important after a day spent outdoors, will certainly be happy to take advantage of the opportunity to stay in modern facilities. If there is also a sauna with a hot tub available for guests, it is probably hard to ask for anything more! (Wuthering Height, Mountain Style, Sunny Hill, Villa Trela, Ski & Sun).



The Pieniny Mountains, which are part of the Western Beskids, are a unique mountain range, offering a lot of attractions for both more and less advanced tourists. If you are looking for a break from the crowds, the Pieniny Mountains are the perfect place to do it. An interesting proposition for a trip may be to walk the trail Snozka Pass – Castle in Czorsztyn – Majerz – Osice Pass. Not only is the route not demanding (there are practically no elevation gains on it), but it also offers great views, as it is actually forestless. Along the way, you can admire the views of the peaks of the Tatra Mountains, the ruins of castles and the surface of Lake Czorsztyn.

Beautiful views, fresh air, physical activity – what more could you want? Here’s a hint: relax! And it’s best to do it in saunas and hot tubs, which you can find in the places we recommend: (Granada Guesthouse, Apartments at Harry’s).

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We could list the advantages of recreation in the mountains endlessly! The joy and solace of communing with the beautiful nature and majestic beauty of mountain landscapes are addictive! Mountains give a person a sense of inner liberation, purification and independence.

“… In the face of the power of the mountains, it is easier to discover oneself, or at least that most of the boundaries and fears are only a defect of our mind, beyond which freedom begins…”
– Jacek Teler.

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