Dolina Spa in Krakow is an unique and inspiring place where anybody can see the original Finnish saunas, imagine the climate of distant Lapland, smell the aroma of wonderful Canadian cedar and touch the velvety of ThermoWood.

We are on hand to offer advice and assistance about the details, the type of wood and the choice of the popper accessories.

Presentation of the several unique sets of saunas and hot tubs in one location, should definitely make choice much easier and show diversity of the models but also different design and construction sollutions.

Open hours: from Monday to Thursday, 11:00-18.00, Saturday 9:00 -15.00

The biggest selection of premium saunas:

Akka Comfort Kirami Premium

Scandit 8 Premium ThermoWood

Kirami FinVision Premium 

Ontario Red Cedar Premium

Sauna Gellas

Sauna Scandit 5

Scandinavian house Avanäs

Jacuzzi® J-225™ 

Kirami hot tubs

6 modeli, Breezy #170, Pearly#170, Family #200

Ekskluzywna gorąca beczka z ThermoWood®

Vingberg hot tubs

Localization: close to the A4 motorway, close to Balice airport in Krakow