Hot Tub Norra #185

Hot Tub Norra #185, made from Thermowood® has better impermeability to water in comparison with natural wood. The tub is fitted with wood fired heater, made from marine aluminum. Comfortable benches with seating for 6-8 people at one time. The tub is both space efficient and well integrates its surrounding.



  • walls made from ThermoWood® of the Scandinavian pine (log thickness: 42 mm) + oiling Tikkurila Vallti, Wood Oil
  • wood-fired heater (TORM 40 kW), made from marine aluminum with aluminum heat shield with 3 mm thickness
  • heater with the roof
  • two steps wooden benches ThermoWood®
  • corrosion-resistant steel bands
  • vinyl cover

Additional information

Weight230 kg
Dimensions185 × 185 × 113 cm


Quality of wood

The walls are built with ThermoWood® (Scandinavian pine, thickness 42 mm), sorting class U/S. The wood from Finland has a better grain density, structure, strength and resistance to cracking and warping.


Health benefits

Baths in hot tubs influence our well-being, can reduce pain, support biological regeneration and provide better sleep at night. Additionally, benefits include healthier and younger skin, along with helping to remove harmful substances and bacteria from the body.



The structure of the hot tub is stable, resistant to a harsh weather conditions, made of high quality wood and well impregnated, corrosion-resistant steel bands that further ensures stability. Appropriate construction extends the thermal effect



External heater Torm 40 kW

height- 585 mm
lenght- 600 mm
width- 490 mm
weight- 48 kg

volume of water in the heater- 75 L
chimney diameter – 150 mm; height -2m
heating surface: 13 650 cm²


• wood-fired heater, made from marine aluminum with 3 mm thick aluminum heat shield, so the transfer of heat is better than with stainless steel heaters, making the water heating time about 30% faster, with less consumption of wood or fuel

• comfortable installation and service with easy access to the ash drawer

• chimney rain cap contains an optional cover that protects from burning

• standard hearth with cast iron ash grate that prevents flames and fire insulation; the heater has two switching cables and a valve which enables the water to drain from the heater, eliminating damages caused by the low temperatures

• chlorine isn’t allowed in hot tubs as it may destroy all aluminum pipes and can cause leakages

• has a comfortable system of installation which enables easy access to ash drawer and helps to keep it clean

• the heater is installed on the outside, so the hot tub can be fully utilized, holding up to 8 people

• thanks to its exterior use, the soot doesn’t make the water dirty

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