Accessories for Hot Tubs

500  brutto

The accessories for hot tubs that we have prepared are the perfect addition to fully benefit from relaxing bathing.

They consist of:

  • ThermoWood® cover
  • stirring paddle
  • cup holder
  • natural sanitizer for keeping the water clean




Thermowood® cover 

The cover that is made of ThermoWood®, looks attractive on the top of the hot tub, enhancing the look of the tub. It consist of one element so it’s easy to handle.



The stirring paddle is made of free of knots aspen wood, which is durable and resistant to mechanical damages. It is used to stir the heating water.


Cup holder

It is useful for refreshing drinks through the year. Holds 5 standard cups.




BioCool sanitizer

The product is chlorine-free and biodegradable. It is toxin-free for healthy water. Environmentally friendly product to be used for hot tubs, spa baths and swimming-pools.


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