Akka Comfort (Sauna + Badetonne)

For those who want a healthy, relaxing, and amazing atmosphere with company of friends and family, Akka Comfort seems the most appropriate choice.

The set contains:

  • Sauna Akka #280
  • Hot Tub Norra #185
  • Wooden terrace with lighting, 16 m²
  • Accessories for sauna and hot tub


Home garden spa set contains, Sauna Akka #280, Hot Tub Norra #185, patio made of ThermoWood® and accessories for sauna and hot tub.


Zusätzliche Information

Gewicht1500 kg

Technische daten

Sauna Akka #280

  • walls made from ThermoWood® of the Scandinavian pine (log thickness: 42 mm)
  • electric or wood-fired heater (Harvia or Stoveman)
  • roofing from asphalt shingles in the color of your choice
  • wooden external door
  • tempered glass glazing (thickness: 8 mm), panoramic window or rectangle shape x2
  • wooden benches and internal platform
  • corrosion-resistant steel bands
  • ventilation channels to ensure air exchange
  • base made of impregnated wooden logs

Sauna Akka #280 dimensions:

diameter of the barrel – 220 cm
full length of the barrel – 280 cm
length of the terrace – 60 cm
full length of the sauna’s space – 220 cm

Sauna accessories contain:

  • aromatherapy oils
  • sauna wooden bucket
  • sauna ladle
  • sauna sand timer
  • sauna light
  • oak birch linden bath broom
  • Thermo – Hygrometer

Hot Tub Norra #185

  • wood-fired heater, made from marine aluminum with 3 mm thick aluminum heat shield, so the transfer of heat is better than with stainless steel heaters, making the water heating time about 30% faster, with less consumption of wood or fuel
  • comfortable installation and service with easy access to the ash drawer
  • chimney rain cap with an optional cover that protects from burning
  • standard hearth with cast iron ash grate that prevents flames and fire insulation; the heater has two switching cables and a valve which enables the water to drain from the heater, eliminating damages caused by the low temperatures
  • chlorine isn’t allowed in hot tubs as it may destroy all aluminum pipes and can cause leakages
  • has a comfortable system of installation which enables easy access to ash drawer and helps to keep it clean
  • the heater is installed on the outside, so the hot tub can be fully utilized, holding up to 8 people
  • thanks to its exterior use, the soot doesn’t make the water dirty

Hot Tub Norra #185 dimensions:

  • diameter of the hot tub- 185 cm
  • height of the hot tub -113 cm
  • weight of the hot tub – 230 kg
  • height of the seat – 45 cm

Accessories for hot tubs:

  • stirring paddle
  • cup holder
  • BioCool sanitizer

ThermoWood® Patio with 16 m²:

  • ThermoWood ®patio made of thermally treated Scandinavian pine
  • Lighting of the patio (3 standing lamps)



Der Ofen HARVIA M3 hat ein klassisches Aussehen und ist für kleine Saunen ausgelegt, die mit Holz beheizt werden. Er liefert beim Baden unvergessliche Erlebnisse und erlaubt die traditionelle Atmosphäre der Sauna geniessen. Die Wärme und ausreichende Luftzirkulation versprechen ein wohltuendes Bad.

Die Öfen HARVIA M3 sind mit Glastüren ausgestattet. Dadurch ist der Aufenthalt in der Sauna wohltuend. Die angebotene Farbe des Ofens ist Graphitschwarz. Auf der Oberseite ist ein rostfreier Flansch angebaut. Der Ofen HARVIA M3 kann mit Wassertank im Schornstein ausgestattet werden.

Das entsprechende Saunaraumvolumen beträgt 6-13 m3, die maximale Steinmenge – 30 kg.

Leistung des Ofens – 16,5 kW
Steinmenge-max. 30 kg
Breite – 39 cm
Tiefe – 43 cm
Höhe – 71 cm

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