Scandit 10 – modern sauna

Sauna Scandit 10 is dedicated to people who value modern and clearly defined forms. We have chosen the best quality materials and combined them in a way that gives our sauna an exceptional character. Scandit 10 is designed to fully enjoy sauna experience and the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Innovation underlined by spacious windows and elevation covered by ThermoWood boards adds  to its unique modern look and visual harmony.

Scandit 10 is designed for larger number of people. The sauna  consists of sauna room and additional space which can be used either as a shower or a changing room, depending on the user’s individual preferences.


  • Construction made from certified scandinavian timber C24
  • Complete outside insulation made from mineral wool (walls, celliing, floor)
  • Vertical elevation from ThermoWood®
  • Double tempered glazing with tined glass


  • Walls and floor made from  ThermoWood®
  • Ceiling and benches made from Aspen

Sauna equipment

  • Elecric heater HUUM HIVE
  • Premium sauna accesories


  • Internal LED lightening
  • Blootooth speaker
  • Shower
  • External dimensions ( width, lenght, height) 230/350/260 cm
  • Total area- 8 m2
  • Sauna area- 4,2 m2
  • Number of people – 4-6
  • Weight ∼ 2,5t

Electric heater for SCANDIT 8

A HUM HIVE heater is an ideal choice for modern constructions  The pure Nordic design of the heater is a real pearl in any sauna. Built on a thousand-year tradition, combined with contemporary Nordic design, Huum heaters provide a unique experience in the sauna. First look at a Huum heater will tell you that this is something special.

Modern Sauna heater

What makes these heater amazing is not only the look, but also the quality of the materials used. They are elegant, durable and economical.  They have been carefully designed to quickly heat up, stay hot longer and give more steam. It fits up to 150 kg of sauna stones.

Technical information:

Output – 9 kW
Maximum stone capicity – 150 kg
Diameter – 45 cm
Height – 80 cm

HUUM UKU-  heater Control Console

The Heater Control Console Huum UKU  combines the ease of use and safety with a stylish look and convenience. This controller has a function of protecting the heater against overheating, a parental lock and a door sensor (when you open the door the controller automatically turns off the heater).  The UKU Control Console works with a mobile application so you can turn off the sauna when being away from home.  This is a very innovative, modern and comfortable solution.

Functions of the UKU Control Console

 Adjustable temperature 40 – 110 C

 Sauna overheating sensor

 Short circuit protection

 Door sensor

 A reminder that sauna is prepared for bathing

 A built-in GSM module

 Android and IOS software


With HUUM mobile app you can heat your sauna comfortably from wherever you are. Whether you are at the end of a long working day or going out for a run, with a couple of clicks on your phone you can have hot sauna waiting for you when you get home. You can choose the beginning and end time of the heating, set the desired temperature and check the current temperature at any given moment.